We want to know and love the real Jesus

Because Jesus is so important, we think what you believe about him really matters, so as a church family our aim is to always stick to the faith that’s been passed down to us in the bible as it has been understood throughout the long history of the church.

We do this by holding to the Creeds of the universal Church, and the teaching of the Anglican Church as written in the 39 Articles of the Church of England. This means we’re an Evangelical church: we believe God speaks to us through his written word, the bible.

We take it seriously because it’s the way we hear his voice; it’s how we find out about who Jesus is, what He’s like and how we should live in response to him.

God makes us into one family

One wonderful thing about Jesus is that as we come to him for forgiveness and grace, he brings us into his family. So, at St. John’s we try to live like a family.

That’s not always easy, as none of us is perfect and some of us are quite different. But we believe that as we love each other like this, it’s a way of sharing Jesus’ love with each other and our wider community. 

We want to share how great Jesus is

We think it’s important for everyone to get to know what Jesus is really like and so we try and share the news of Jesus as much as we can. 

We don’t ram it down people’s throats but want to give people as much opportunity as possible to find out about Jesus. He’s changed our lives and we want you to know him too.

The Maidstone Commitments

Published by the Bishop of Maidstone (now the Bishop of Ebbsfleet), this document contains a series of initiatives designed to promote the gospel and a continued confidence in conservative evangelical church culture. One of the commitments from the document we’ve been asked to consider is as follows:

“The PCC of this parish has passed a resolution under the House of Bishop’s Declaration on the Ministry of Bishops and Priests in order to reflect its convictions on the distinctive ministry of men and women”.

In response, the PCC of St. John’s Knutsford reaffirms her complementarian position and her commitment to historic Anglicanism as set forth in the Holy Scriptures, the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion and The Ordinal. We are under the Pastoral Oversight of The Bishop of Ebbsfleet, Rt Rev Dr Robert Munro.